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Plant Evaluations

We are in the process of establishing a new program at CANR to conduct containerized trials of new or underused plants and popular genus's with large numbers of cultivars in order to evaluate those cultivars within a genus or species that are more resource efficient, less prone to pest/pathogen problems, have a superior production cycle, and also identify important marketing traits such as bloom time.

We are beginning to gather information from some of our initial trials, this information is from the first full season of evaluations in containers in Dearing GA.  We do not make judgments' on the plants, only offer our observations and data so that you may make your own judgment as to what fits best for your needs. Information from these trials will continue to be posted on this site and included in CANR publications and presentations, for more information or to suggest plants for trial please click on the following links: 

  Azalea Evaluation Program  

  Gardenia Trial Result Detail PDF

 Hibiscus Trial Result Detail PDF

 Hibiscus Trial Result Pictures PDF

Hibiscus trial

 Hydrangea Shade Types Result Detail PDF

 Hydrandea paniculata Result Detail PDF

Hydrangea Paniculata

 Loropetalum Trial Result Detail PDF

 Loropetalum Trial Result Pictures PDF

Loropetalum Trial

If you would like to have plants evaluated at CANR please fill out this Plant Submition Form PDF or contact us directly by email at director@canr.org.

hydrangea trail