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February 06, 2006
2005 Hydrangea Conference Review

The lights are dim with all eyes trained on the lady at center stage; a pin drop could be heard as we wait in anticipation for what she would reveal.  A seasoned actress, she begins reciting a poem utilizing years of theatrical training.  We breathlessly cling to every word.  As she nears the end, our hearts swell with understanding and appreciation.  Applause erupts as we pay homage to this great lady, the queen of hydrangeas, her Majesty, Mrs. Penny McHenry.

 What an honor and a privilege to hear Penny speak about her life and introduction to the wonderful plant Hydrangea!  Hydrangea Conference 2005 was a resounding success due to Penny and so many other outstanding speakers: Dan Hinkley, Michael Dirr, Ted Stephens, Hayes Jackson, Tara Dillard, Vickie Waters, Elizabeth Dean, Mal Condon, Eddie Aldridge, Jonathan Pedersen, Sandra Reed and Judith King (click on links to see handouts from their talk).  If you missed this event, you missed a doosey!  I would like to thank each and every person who helped put this event together – too many to list here but I know who you are and I thank you.  Many special thanks to all the sponsors and contributors to the plant sale and auction that helped raise money for future research!!

Pendelton King Park                                           American Hydrangea Society

CSRA Hydrangea Society                                Gift Store & Book Display

Judith King         Jonathan Pedersen, Bailey Nurseries          Elizabeth Dean, Wilkerson Mills

Eddie Aldridge, Aldridge Gardens                  Dan Hinkley, Heronswood Nursery

Tara Dillard                                                            Hayes Jackson

Mal Condon, Hydrangea Farm Nursery                 Michael Dirr

Ms. Penny McHenry                                               Penny McHenry

Ted Stephens, Nurseries Caroliniana               Sandra Reed, Nursery Crop Research Station

Reception                                                             Plant Sale

Vickie, Dirr & Josh                                                     Vickie's breeding demo

Dirr in field                                                                  Auction

Auction Items                                                                 Jim Midcap


 Hydrangea Conference 2005 Sponsors:

 Key Note & Reception
Carolina Nurseries

 Pre-Tour & Reception
Griffith Propagation
Billingsley Wholesale Nursery

 CANR Lunch
Harrell’s Fertilizer
Pursell Technologies

 Gold Level
R. A. Dudley Nurseries
Florida Potting Soil

 Silver Level
Cofer’s Home & Garden
Ag Georgia Farm Credit

 Bronze Level
Graco Fertilizer
Eastside Ornamentals

Hydrangea Farm Nursery

 In Kind Donations
Clinton Nurseries
Gary Knox, IFAS
Hayes Jackson
Home Depot
Imperial Nurseries
Jackson Farms Greenery
Jim Midcap/UGA
May Nursery
McCorkle Nurseries
Michael Dirr/UGA
Nurseries Caroliniana
Southern Growers





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