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February 02, 2007
2010 Research Project Results
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Table of Contents


Development and validation of a crop production cost calculator for break-even analysis

Matthew Chappell


Pre and Post weed control in nursery liners

Mark Czarnota



Developing Sterile plants for the nursery Industry

John Ruter


Effectiveness and cost comparison of low dose PGRs compared to manual pruning

Matthew Chappell


Selection of new/Under Utilized native and ornamental species for use in UGA breeding programs

Matthew Chappell


Evaluation of elite selections from the UGA blueberry breeding program as edible landscape plants

Scott NeSmith


Relationship Between Irrigation and Leaching of Nutrients in Container Production

Sheryl Wells and Matthew Chappell


100 Outstanding Conifers for the Southeast

John Ruter


Non-invasive Cultivars for the Green Industry

Gary W. Knox

Identifying pathogens in irrigation water and their associated risk to nursery plants
Kelly L. Ivors

Determining the water requirements of hydrangea effects of plant age and environmental conditions

Marc van Iersel, Matthew Chappell, John Ruter, and Paul Thomas

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