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February 02, 2007
2008 Research Project Results
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Table of Contents


Using Irrigation Controllers to Reduce Irrigation and Leachate Volume of Containerized Plants

Matthew Chappell and Marc van Iersel


Developing Sterile Plants for the Nursery Industry

John Ruter


Evaluation of Callicarpa spp. For Cold Hardiness, Seed Germination, and New Cultivar Development

John Ruter and Ryan Contreras


Investigating the Efficiency of an Anti-Evaporation Fabric to Control Evaporation From Surface Water Supplies

Matthew Chappell and Marc van Iersel


Prolonging the Shelf Life of Ornamental Plants During Retail with ABA Applications

Marc van Iersel

Liner and Container Production of Tridens flavus (Purpletop)
Jeffrey Norcini and James Aldrich

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