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February 02, 2007
2007 Research Project Results
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Table of Contents


Evaluation of Clean Chip Residual as a Growth Substrate for Container-Grown Woody Ornamentals

Cheryl R. Boyer, Charles H. Gilliam, Glenn B. Fain


Liverwort Control in Containerized Ornamentals

Mark Czarnota


Postemergence Weed Control In Nursery Liners

Mark Czarnota


Developing Lagerstroemia Cultivars with Desired Flowering Characteristics

David Knauft


Evaluation of Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina domestica) Cultivars as Potential Candidates for Sterility and Landscape Use

Gary W. Knox, Sandra B. Wilson, and Zhanao Deng


Determination of Herbicide Phyto-remediation Potential of Ornamental and Native Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera and Nelumbo lutea) species

Warner Orozco-Obando and Ken Tilt 

Evaluation of Non-Traditional Ornamental Plants (Lotus nelumbo/lutea) for Treating Nursery Runoff in Constructed Wetlands
Warner Orozco-Obando and Ken Tilt

New Ornamentals and Conifers for the Southeastern United States
John M. Ruter

Developing Sterile Plants for the Nursery Industry
John M. Ruter

Evaluation of Callicarpa spp. for Utilization in a Breeding Program
John M. Ruter and Ryan Contreras

Phosphorus Removal by Native Ornamentals:  Potential for Form and Function
Jyotsna Sharma

Determination of Heat Tolerance for Hemlock Species
Jeff L. Sibley and Matthew Wilson

Investigation of Crapemyrtle Rabbit Tracks Leaf Disorder
Jeff L. Sibley, John M. Ruter, and Daniel Wells

Using Renewable Energy Sources and Other Technologies to Reduce Nursery Energy Costs
Forrest Stegelin

Molecular Identification of Phytophthora Species Collected from Irrigation Water, Plant, and Soil Sources
Jean L. Williams-Woodward

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