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February 02, 2007
2006 Research Project Results
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Table of Contents

Surveying for Phytophthora Species in Nursery Irrigation Water and Soils
Stephanie Adams and Jean Williams-Woodward

Mefenoxem Resistance in Phytophthora spp. From Ornamental Nurseries in Georgia

Stephanie Adams and Jean Williams-Woodward


The Use of Postemergence Herbicide in Propagation of Nursery Crops

Diana Cochran and Charles Gilliam


Controlling Liverworts
Mark Czarnota

The Use of Slow Release Diuron as a Granular Pre-emergent Herbicide

Mark Czarnota

Developing Sterility in Genetically Dwarf Lagerstroemia Selections to Foster Perpetual Flowering

David Knauft and Michael Dirr


Dip 'N Grow Evaluation
James T. Midcap

Evaluation of Coir as a Nursery Production & Propagation Substrate Amendment
James T. Midcap

Evaluation of GPS & GIS in Nursery Production

James T. Midcap


A CD Compilation of CANR Projects Results, 1997-2005

James T. Midcap


Evaluation of Abelia Selections For Ability to Withstand Cultural Conditions In Containers
Carol Robacker

New Conifers for the Southeastern United States
New Ornamentals for the Southeast
John Ruter

Developing Sterile Plants for the Nursery Industry
John Ruter 

Economic and Market Analysis of Invasive, Non-Native Plants

Forrest Stegelin


Plant Breeding, Evaluation, Selection and Introduction

Michael Dirr

Cold Hardy Palms Container and Field Evaluation
Gary Wade

Evaluation of Various Industrial, Construction, and Municipal Wastes as Pine Bark Amendments in Container Nursery Plant Production

Jeff Sibley, Wenliang Lu, Charles Gilliam, Amy Wright and Milton Schaeffer



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