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February 28, 2005
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Table of Contents

Cutting Propagation with Auxin Applied via the Rooting Substrate
Eugene Blythe, Jeff Sibley and John Ruter

Nursery Pest Management Calendar
Kris Braman

Herbicide Safety to Bigleaf Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nikko Blue')
Mark Czarnota

Plant Improvement Research at The University of Georgia and CANR
Michael Dirr

Effects of Fall Fertilization on Freeze Hardiness of Deciduous Versus Evergreen Azaleas
Frank Henning, Tim Smalley, Orville Lindstrom and Mark Reiger

Inoculation Technique, Infection Development and Efficacy of Fungicides Against Glomerella cingulata, the Causal Agent of Camellia Dieback
A. D. Martinez-Espinoza

Accelerated production and Flowering of Remontant Hydrangeas
James T. Midcap

Low Phosphorous and Slow Release Iron Effects on Hydrangea Production
James T. Midcap

Production of Flowering Remontant Hydrangeas for Fall Sales
James T. Midcap

Abelia Production Under High Lime and Elevated Magnesium Levels
James T. Midcap

Improving Long Term Availability of Calcium & Magnesium in Container Production
James T. Midcap

Regulating Perennial Plant Growth with Controlled Phosphorous Levels
James T. Midcap

New Plant Product Combinations, Adding Value to Container Nursery Stock
James T. Midcap

Evaluation of Abelia Selections to Withstand Cultural Conditions in Containers
Carol Robacker and Michael Dirr

Container Evaluation of New Ornamentals
John Ruter

Conifer Seedling Selections for Georgia
John Ruter

Vegetatively Propagated Conifers for Georgia
John Ruter

Evaluation of Slug and Snail Control Measures
Jeff Sibley, Wheeler Foshee and Jody Thompson

Costs of Establishing and Operating Container- and Field Production Nurseries, Differentiated by Size of Firm, Zone 7
Forrest Stegelin

Water Requirements of Containerized Hydrangeas and Abelias
Marc van Iersel

Container Production and Field Evaluation of Cold-hardy Palms in Georgia
Gary Wade, Joe LeVert and Tom McClendon

Evaluating Plant Growth Regulators to Control Vine Growth
Robert Westerfield and James T. Midcap

Evaluation of Composted Municipal Waste as an Amendment to Pine Bark for Use in Container Ornamental Production
Amy Wright, Jeff Sibley and Weliang Lu


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