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Last Update
June 4, 2003
2003 Research Project Results
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Table of Contents


Red Imported Fire Ant Control With Insecticides and Natural Products in Potted Nursery Soil

Mark A. Brinkman and Wayne A. Gardner


Juniper (Juniperus davurica ‘Parsonii’, J. conferta ‘Blue Pacific’, J. squamata ‘Blue Star’) Tolerance to Glyphosate

Mark Czarnota


Herbicide Safety to Bigleaf Hydrangeas

Mark Czarnota


Herbicide Safety to Jackman Clematis (Clematis x jackmanii)

Mark Czarnota


Plant Improvement in the Department of Horticulture and the Center for Applied Nursery Research

Michael A. Dirr


Automated Measurement of Container Temperature and Moisture for Improvement of Irrigation Scheduling in Nurseries

Axel Garcia y Garcia and Gerrit Hoogenboom


Effects of Fall Fertilization on Freeze Hardiness of Deciduous vs. Evergreen Ornamentals

Frank Henning, Tim Smalley, Mark Reiger and Orville Lindstrom


Potential Pot Re-Design for Nursery Soil Reduction

Wayne J. McLaurin


Pot Re-Design for Efficient Water Use

Wayne J. McLaurin


Evaluation of Engineered Wood Products as a Mulch on Potted Ornamentals

Wayne J. McLaurin


Flowering Hydrangeas for Spring Sales, Forcing Remontant Selections

James T. Midcap


Improving Long Term Availability of Calcium & Magnesium in Container Production

James T. Midcap


New Plant Product Combinations, Adding Value to Container Nursery Stock

James T. Midcap


Evaluation of Abelia Selections to Withstand Cultural Conditions in Containers

Carol Robacker and Michael Dirr


Container Evaluation of New Ornamentals

John M. Ruter


Cotoneaster Evaluations

John M. Ruter


Minimizing Runoff and Increasing Water-Use Efficiency of Nursery Crops with Pulse Irrigation

Marc van Iersel


Regulating Late Season Container Growth with Plant Growth Regulators

Robert Westerfield and James T. Midcap


Use of Tissue Culture to Clonally Propagate New Woody Plant Selections

Hazel Y. Wetzstein, Gwen Hirsch and Michael Dirr


Fungicide Efficacy and Spore Dispersal of Cercosporidium Needle Blight on Leyland Cypress
Jean L. Williams-Woodward

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