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June 4, 2003
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Table of Contents

Nursery Plant Health Calendar for Insect and Diseases in the Southeast (Update)
Kris Braman and Jean Woodward

Evaluation of Reduced Rates of Talstar and BotaniGard 22WP Together for Fire Ant Control in Nursery Pots
Mark A. Brinkman and Wayne A. Gardner

Preemergent Weed Control in Select Fern Species
Mark Andrew Czarnota

Spurge Control in Juniper (Juniperus horizontalis ‘Blue Rug’) Liners
Mark Andrew Czarnota

Plant Breeding, Evaluation, Selection and Introduction.
Michael A. Dirr

Axel Garcia y Garcia and Gerrit Hoogenboom

Effects of Fall Fertilization on Frost Hardiness of Azaleas
Frank Henning, Tim Smalley, Orville Lindstrom and John Ruter

Effects of Pot Color on Soil Temperature and Root Development on Rhododendron obtusum 'Hot Shot'
Wayne J. McLaurin

Breeding Project to Obtain Improved Ornamental Sweetpotato Cultivars
Wayne J. McLaurin

Evaluation of Potential Effects on Plant Growth of Engineered Wood Products and Dimensional Lumber
Wayne J. McLaurin

Evaluation of Worm Castings on the Growth of Ornamentals
Wayne J. McLaurin

Camellia Production with Improved Potting Mixes
James T. Midcap and Theodore E. Bilderback

Flower Color Control on Remontant Flowering Hydrangea macrophylla Cultivars
James T. Midcap

Evaluating Hydrangea Production With Improved Substrates
James T. Midcap and Theodore A. Bilderback

Evaluating Kaolin Clay as an Amendment to Container Substrates
James T. Midcap and Theodore E. Bilderback

New Plant Product Combinations for Container Production
James T. Midcap

Effect of Timing of Fungicide Applications on Disease Severity of Daylily Rust
Daren S. Mueller, Jean L. Williams-Woodward, and James W. Buck

Effect of Timing of Applications on Plant Growth Retardant Efficacy and Growth of Non-Responsive Herbaceous Perennials
Bodie V. Pennisi and Stephanie E. Burnett

Development of Ovule Culture Techniques for Breeding Interspecific Hybrids among Abelia Species
Carol Robacker, Michael Dirr, and Sloane Scheiber

Postemergent Oxalis Control in Container Grown Crops with Diuron.
Carey V. Simpson, Charles H. Gilliam, Glenn R. Wehtje, Jeff L. Sibley and James E. Altland

The How’s and Why’s of New Plant Introductions: Strategies for a Successful Marketing Effort
Forrest Stegelin

Effects of Sumagic on Camellia Bud Set
Ken Tilt and Jeff Sibley

Fungicide Efficacy and Spore Dispersal of Cercosporidium Needle Blight on Leyland Cypress
Jean L. Williams-Woodward

Understanding Plant Nutrient Uptake, a Preliminary Report
Tom Yeager and Gisele Martins

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