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March 12, 2002
2001 Research Project Results
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Table of Contents

Evaluation of Hydrangea macrophylla cultivars for remontant flowering
Jeffrey A. Adkins and Michael A. Dirr

Evaluation of Crape Myrtles for Insect Resistance
Kris Braman and Gretchen VanDe Mark

Evaluation of Beauveria bassiana and Reduced Rates of Talstar for Fire Ant Control in Nursery Pots
Mark A. Brinkman and Wayne A. Gardner

Stress Evaluations of Hydrangea macrophylla
Tabor B. Conwell, Douglas A. Findley, H. G. Ponder, and Ken Tilt

Spurge Control in Juniper (Juniperus horizontalis 'Blue Rug') Liners
Mark Andrew Czarnota

New Plant Evaluations and Introductions
Michael A. Dirr

Container Nursery Irrigation Practices in Georgia
M. P. Garber, J. Ruter and James T. Midcap

Evaluation of A Nursery Soil Mix Containing Municipal Bio-Solids Compost (MBSC) on the Growth of Perennials and Woody Ornamentals
Wayne J. McLaurin

Evaluation of Erthfood® Organic Fertilizer on the Growth of Perennials and Wood Ornamentals
Wayne J. McLaurin

Evaluation of Cricket Droppings Residue on the Growth of Perennials and Woody Ornamentals
Wayne J. McLaurin

Potential Pot Design for Nursery Soil Reduction
Wayne J. McLaurin

Breeding project to Obtain Improved Ornamental Sweetpotato Cultivars
Wayne J. McLaurin and Stanley Kays

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mid-Summer Topdress Applications of Chelated Iron
James T. Midcap

Evaluating Improved Potting Mixes for Camellia Production
James T. Midcap and Theodore A. Bilderback

Evaluation of Herbicide Drift on Shumard Oak Trunks
James T. Midcap

Nursery Runoff and Fertilization Practices Impact on Pollution Potential
James T. Midcap and Ronnie Lester

Control of Bacterial Soft Rot on Hosta during Cold Storage
Kari W. Parda and Jean L. Williams-Woodward

Development of Ovule Culture Techniques for Breeding Interspecific Hybrids among Abelia Species
Sloane Scheiber, Carol Robacker, and Michael Dirr

Marketing - Demand Push or Demand Pull or Both?
The Need for Creating New Plant Awareness

Forrest Stegelin

The Effect of Application Method on PGR Efficancy and Growth of Herbaceous Perennials
Paul A. Thomas and Stephanie E. Burnett

Can Aqua-Grow G Reduce Water Use?
Tim Smalley and Deirdre Duncan

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