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April 1, 2001
1999 Research Project Results
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Table of Contents

Scheduling butterfly-bush (Buddleia davidii Franch.) for spring flowering
Jeffrey A. Adkins, Michael A. Dirr and Alan M. Armitage Department of Horticulture, University of Georgia

Prophylactic Use of Microbial Control Agents to revent Colonization of Nursery Plant Containers by Red Imported Fire Ants, Solenopsis invicta
Mark A. Brinkman and Wayne A. Gardner Department of Entomology-Griffin, University of Georgia

Effect of RepellexTM Deer Repellent on Browsing of Container-grown Ornamental Shrubs
Kendra Henderson, Gary Wade and Jeff Jackson1 College of Forest Resources & Horticulture Department University of Georgia, Athens

Automated Measurement of Container Temperature and Moisture for Improvement of Irrigation Scheduling in Nurseries
Gerrit Hoogenboom, Alexandre Heinemann, and Don Crosby Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering The University of Georgia, Griffin, Georgia

Preliminary Information on the Cold Hardiness of Loropetalum
Orville M. Lindstrom Horticulture Department, Griffin, UGA

Reuse of Waste Media
Bryan Maw, Research Engineer, UGA; Paul Sumner, Extension Engineer, UGA; Wade Sparkman, Bouldin and Lawson; Jeff Beasley, Transplant Nursery Inc.; Jim Midcap, Extension Horticulturalist, UGA

Soil Treatment Evaluations On Perennials Summer 1999 At The Center For Applied Nursery Research
Wayne J. McLaurin Department of Horticulture University of Georgia

Sawmill Wood Waste Evaluation on Junipers and Azaleas for Root Rot Problems
Wayne J. McLaurin, James T. Midcap and Jean Woodward Horticulture Department & Plant Pathology Department University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Lime Levels Affect Azalea Top and Root Growth
James T. Midcap, Department of Horticulture ? Athens, UGA

Controlled Release Fertilizers Evaluations ? 1999, 9 & 12 Month Products
Dr. James T. Midcap ? Extension Horticulture ? Athens, UGA

Hydrangea pH and Flower Color Influenced by Lime Sources
Dr. Jim Midcap, Extension Horticulture University of Georgia

Crop Nutrient Deficiencies A Photo Library, Descriptions & Acceptable Levels
Dr. Jim Midcap University of Georgia

Pruning Foster Holly
James T. Midcap, Extension Horticulture, UGA

Disease Resistance and Aesthetic Evaluation of Atlantic White Cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides)
David R. Sandrock, Michael A. Dirr and Jean Williams-Woodward Horticulture and Plant Pathology - Athens, UGA

The Development of New Abelia Cultivars Through Interspecific Hybridization
Sloane Scheiber, Michael Dirr and Carol Robacker Department of Horticulture - Griffin & Athens, UGA

The Benefits-Costs of Grading Liners Before Production
Dr. Forrest Stegelin, Extension Agribusiness and Dr. James Midcap, Extension Horticulture, UGA

Leaf Spot Development on Prunus laurocersus Under Drip and Overhead Irrigation
J. T. Walker Department of Plant Pathology - Griffin Campus

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