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May 2016 Newsletter

Determining Safety of Preemergent Herbicide Use During Propagation of Three Woody Ornamental Species

NPAG Report Phytophthora chrysanthemi

WPS Comparison of the New Protections to the Existing Protections

Academy of Crop Production Brochure

Academy of Crop Production Schedule

GGIA Celibration Brochure

August 2015 Newsletter

Relative Effectiveness of Various Chemicals for Disease Control of Ormanental Plants

IFSA Boxwood Blight Alert

Passing of Virginia Tech faculty member, Dr Alan McDaniel

UGA's Hoke Smith landscape renovation

2015 Applied Nursery Research Survey

Webinar Series

Psychology of Horticulture

IPS Southern Region Meeting, Tampa

GGIA 2015 Dirr Garden Dinner

March 2015 Newsletter

Relative Effectiveness of Various Chemicals for Disease Control of Ormanental Plants

2015 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series

Featured Creatures: Ambrosia Beetle

UT Granulate Ambrosia Beetle

Using the NCSU Porometer

Sept 2014 Newsletter

Conifer Website Guide

IPM for Shrubs in Southeastern US Nursery Production Vol 1

New Ambrosia Beetle

UT Systems-based Pest Management Video: Pruning Practices

UT Systems-based Pest Management Video: Potting Practices

UT Systems-based Pest Management Video: Shipping and Receiving

UT Systems-based Pest Management Video: Irrigation Practices

UT Systems-based Pest Management Video: Propagation Practices

SNA BMP Version 3 Released (Free to Download)

May 2014 Newsletter

Liverwort Control in Containerized Ornamentals

Foliage Products An Opportunity for the Georgia Ornamental Industry

What You May Not Know about Fire Blight

UGA students win big at national horticulture and landscape design competition

Can Systemics Insecticdes Be a Conservation Biological Control Tool: Survival of Beneficial Insects after Exposure to Commonly Used Contact and Systemic Insecticides

Great FREE Webinar Series for Growers and Landscapers thru Greenviion

SNA BMP Version 3 Released (Free to Download)

April 2014 Newsletter

Success with Mixed Containers Using Perennial and Woody Plants

Processed Corncob an an Alternative to Perlite in The Production of Container Grown Perennials

Digital Photography for Horticulture Professionals

Principles and Approaches for Optimizing Efficiency in Nursery and Landscape Businesses

3 things you should know about thousand cankers disease

Use of Root-Promoting Products for Vegetative Propagation of Nursery Crops

July 2013 Newsletter

Diagnosing Nutrien Deficiencies in Ornamental Plants

Bacterial Leaf Scorch

A Key to Important Diseases of Common Deciduous Kentucky Landscape and Forest Trees

Deer Herbivory of "New" Landscape Plants and Fruits for the Retail Market

Extension Plant Pathology Update June 2013

Extension Plant Pathology Update May 2013

Pest Alert - Daylily Leafminer, Ophiomyia kwansonis Saskawa (Diptera: Agromyzidea), new to North America, including Florida

A National perspective on Irrigation Trends and Sensor Network adoption in Ornamental Nursery and Greenhouse Operations

March 2013 Newsletter

Preparing Nursery Plants for Winter in the Southeastern United States

April showers bring May... Disease? An Introduction to Water Molds

What You May Not Know about Fire Blight

Kudzu Bug Update: March

Fundamentals of the Affordable Care Act: A Focus on Small Agricultural Employers

November 2012 Newsletter

Explaining Health Care Reform: How will the Affordable Care Act affect small businesses and their employees

Penalties for Employers Not Offering Affordable Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act beginning in 2014

Alternatives to Synthetic Herbicides for Weed Management in Container Nurseries

Alternatives to Petroleum-Based Containers for the Nursery Industry

CANR Annual Open House January 23, 2013

Georgia Agricultural Tax Exemption

Susceptibility of Commercial Boxwood Varieties to Cylindrocladium buxicola

Non-invasive Cultivars for the Green Industry

Rose Rosette Disease

Can Systemic Insecticides Be a Conservation Biological Control Tool

July 2012 Newsletter

Top 10 Nursery Production Integrated Pest Management Practices in the Southeast

Quantifying Water Requirements of Hydrangea and Gardenia

Boxwood Blight: A New Disease of Boxwoods Recently Found in the Southeastern U.S.

Mefenoxam resistance within Phytophthora and Pythium isolates recovered from ornamental host plants from greenhouses and nurseries in Georgia

Nursery Crop Selection and Market Implications

Proper Use and Handling of Glyphosate in Plant Nurseries

First Mobile App for Landscape and Nursery Professionals Developed by a Team of Plant and Pest Experts from UGA and Six Other Universities

GGIA Announces 2013 Event: WINTERgreen 2013, Georgia's Premier Horticulture Conference

Mike Sikes on a tour