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Fund-The-Grants Program

Make an immediate impact on the success of our industry

The Center for Applied Nursery Research (CANR) provides a unique research tool to the horticulture industry in Georgia and the Southeast; however, CANR has been limited in its ability to fund the number of grants to the level that is needed.

The Board of Directors has established a fundraising program directed solely to fund these worthy grants. 100% of all donated funds will be used exclusively to fund grants--no CANR overhead, red tape, administrative percentages… Each donor will receive a report showing what funds were raised and what projects were funded.

With support from you, CANR will fund more important horticultural research for growers in Georgia and the Southeast.

Top Reasons to Support

• 100% of your donation will be used to support important research for growers

• Participate in developing industry research needs assessment and evaluation of potential grants

• Receive an annual report on funding and projects

• Research projects are overseen by university faculty using scientific methods

• CANR research grants are typically practical research projects that are harder to find funding for but needed by the industry

• CANR has a 15 year history and has funded more than 250 projects

• Project information and results are published for the benefit of the entire industry

• Recognition through CANR publications for your donation

• CANR is a non-profit 501(c)(3), all donations are Tax Deductible


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